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Groovymarlin is not my real name. I’m not going to tell you my real name, but the three people in the entire world who actually look at my website probably already know it.

There are certain kinds of things that I always look at people’s “about” page to find out, with mixed success, so I figured I could at least put the stuff I think should be on an “about” page here. And here it is.

  • Upgrading to WordPress was a great idea, and much easier than I thought it would be, although I wasn’t able to import all of my old posts/comments from Blogger (thanks, stupid Blogger in Beta).
  • I could NEVER had installed and configured WordPress as (relatively) easily as I did without this guide: Everyman’s Guide to WordPress (warning: PDF). Seriously, this guide saved my sanity.
  • The “Getting Started with WordPress” section of the WordPress Codex was also very helpful. For a free program, there is a TON of support and great information out there about WordPress!
  • For all the stuff I had to copy and paste and edit and somehow keep track of, the EditPad Lite free text editor for Windows by JGSoft was really invaluable.
  • And once again, I have to give a shout-out to ICDSoft, my hosting company. Their control panel app rocks and even setting up the MySQL database for this incarnation of my blog was a breeze. I used to use GoDaddy for my domain registrar, but I recently moved to the very excellent DynaDot. Why? Because GoDaddy is a horrible, repellant company and I recommend you don’t give them any of your money, ever.

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