Groovymarlin is not my real name.

There are certain kinds of things that I always look at people’s “about” page to find out, with mixed success, so I figured I could at least put the stuff I think should be on an “about” page here. And here it is.

  • Upgrading to WordPress was a great idea, and much easier than I thought it would be, although I wasn’t able to import all of my old posts/comments from Blogger (thanks, stupid Blogger in Beta).
  • The “Getting Started with WordPress” section of the WordPress Codex was very helpful. For a free program, there is a TON of support and great information out there about WordPress!
  • For all the stuff I had to copy and paste and edit and somehow keep track of, the EditPad Lite free text editor for Windows by JGSoft was really invaluable.
  • And once again, I have to give a shout-out to ICDSoft, my hosting company. Their control panel app rocks and even setting up the MySQL database for this incarnation of my blog was a breeze. I used to use GoDaddy for my domain registrar, but I recently moved to the very excellent DynaDot. Why? Because GoDaddy is a horrible, repellant company and I recommend you don’t give them any of your money, ever.


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