In response to Berlin Hair Baby’s tag, here’s my quick list of favorites:

favorite city: Las Vegas, baby!
favorite song: The song I want played at my funeral, “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve
favorite food: Sushi
favorite shop: Amazon.com (is that cheating?)
favorite book: Total trash, I know, but it’s The Stand by Stephen King.
favorite Champagne: I like just about any of them. 🙂
favorite color: Purple in the abstract, but black for clothing.
favorite time of day: Mid-morning, if it’s sunny.
favorite season: Summer.
favorite guilty pleasure: World of Warcraft. Yay, Alliance!
favorite mode of communication: Email has saved my life, because I hate talking on the phone.
favorite childhood toy: My teddy bear was the best.
favorite hair care line: I love the Aveda rip-off line (Aura?) at Sally Beauty Supply, but I think it’s been discontinued.