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Filed under: Music,Parenting,Television,You Said WHAT? — groovymarlin @ 9:34 pm April 10, 2011

A few weeks ago (honestly I can’t really remember how long ago it was) I was forced to endure a portion of Nickelodeon’s “Kids Choice Awards.” Oh. My. God. It was truly awful. It was without a doubt the most horrible thing I can remember watching on TV in…well, ever. In particular, it started with a performance by the Black-eyed Peas. WTF?! Why are these bozos still allowed on TV? Wasn’t the Superbowl half time thing enough proof that these morons should be illegal? All they do is take other people’s songs and make them worse. That Fergie reminds me of something a British friend of mine once said: “She has a face like a workman’s bench.” Make of that what you will. I love my daughter, but I will never suffer through BEP again, even for her.

Anyway, I had 53 hours at work last week, including hours on Saturday and Sunday, so that’s why I’m exhausted. I guess you could say I’m over it.


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  • Wow, she looks exactly like you only longer hair. Yeah, I stay away from Nickelodeon.

    Comment by Scott — April 16, 2011 @ 2:26 pm

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