Still Inspiring

A long time ago, on an earlier incarnation of my blog, I wrote a post about a person who inspired me greatly when I was younger, and really made a difference in my entire life. That person is Robert Spano. While that post is now unfortunately lost to the ether, I still feel the same way about Bob Spano, who I was privileged to learn from when he was the Director of Orchestral Activities at Bowling Green State University. I played the violin and Bob conducted many orchestras that I participated in, including the regular Symphony and pit orchestras for both operatic and musical theater performances.

Bob even made me cry once, but I don’t think it was on purpose.

Read more about Bob Spano and his many accomplishments here. He is currently the Music Director of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and just this March he was named the new Director of the Aspen Music Festival and School. There are many clips of him on YouTube, but I especially liked the one below, where he talks about Mozart, Freemasonry, and numerology.

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