Disturbing Marketing

OMG! I just got an email from MAC promoting their new “Surf, Baby” collection, and I had to post about it. The collection itself looks OK, full of bronzers and powders and colorful shades, and you can check it out right here if you’re so inclined. But I need to talk about the image they included in the email┬áBECAUSE IT IS SO CREEPY (and you will definitely want to click on this thumbnail image to see the full-size monstrosity):

Click for full size

1. That guy on the left is naked, yo. Not wearing a Speedo or very low-slung trunks, NAKED. (He also looks a LOT like Heath Ledger.)

2. What is it about the girl in the center that says “surf?” Is it the COMPLETE LACK OF EYEBROWS? Because that look has never just screamed “easy beach living” to me.

3. Furthermore, the dark vampy lips? Also not a terribly beachy look.

4. And could they have found her a more unflattering, ill-fitting, fugly swimsuit?

5. Mr. Hipster on the right is not only wearing a Speedo, but he’s wearing some kind of leather thong-type headband. Around his head. Like a boho doofus.

So maybe there’s some kind of irony at play here, like “Let’s promote a surf-inspired collection with a makeup look that looks nothing like surf-inspired, and let’s throw in a naked hipster.” I guess I’m old, because I’m not getting it, I just feel creeped out.