Varieties of Annoying Starbucks Customers

I’ve cut way back on my Starbucks latte consumption, but I still indulge occasionally. I usually prefer to use the drive-through specifically so that I don’t have to deal with the annoying customers in Starbucks, but there’s not always one available. Have you seen these customers in the wild? I saw most of them just this morning.

Annoying Cell Phone Talker: Has an emphatic and very loud conversation on cell phone all through ordering, paying, and picking up beverate. Usually involves things that are personal and make strangers who overhear the conversation kind of uncomfortable. Loudest thing in the whole store and seemingly oblivious.

Giant Order Ninja: Chick who gets in line all by herself, usually right in front of you, and then orders five very complicated drinks at the register. Bonus points if she spills one of them all over the pick-up area (I have seen this happen). Extra bonus points if she attempts to pay for each drink individually, using a different payment method such as cash, check, debit card, etc. (yes, I have seen this happen also).

The Mix Master: This is the person who orders a plain coffee and then stands at the condiment bar for 10 minutes turning it into a masterpiece ghetto latte or whatever.

The Draper: The person who orders, then drapes himself or herself all over the tiny little pick-up station, as if there’s NOBODY ELSE in the entire place who has ordered a drink and will also have to pick it up there. These people turn the pick-up counter into their own personal condo while they wait for their drinks. Seriously, what is WRONG with these douchebags?

People: in general, I hate them. 😉