Categories of Strange Dreams

Do you dream? I dream often and vividly. In fact, I sometimes scream, yell, laugh and cry in my sleep. I have never gotten up and walked around, though…at least not yet.

Frequent Dream Categories

Back to School:

– I sign up for a (college) course, forget to attend, and then it’s the day of the final.
– I go back to school to get another master’s or a PhD, and as I’m moving my stuff into my apartment in Bowling Green (for some reason I always go back to BGSU), I start to remember that I have a job, and a kid, and a bunch of other stuff.
– I am going to high school and I can’t find my locker (never happened IRL).
– I am going to high school and can’t get my locker open (happened frequently IRL).
– I’m back in college and can’t find my dorm room/my mailbox/the showers/whatever.

Bathroom Blues:

– I need to pee and can’t find a bathroom, or all the bathrooms I find have filthy and/or non-functioning toilets.
– I need to take a shower and can’t find the showers (seems like a dorm type setting, or possibly a health club).
– I go to the restroom and the dividers are all so low that you can see everyone from the neck up when they’re sitting on the toilet.
– I’m visiting someone’s home and inadvertently break or somehow screw up their toilet, shower, plumbing, etc.
– I’m back in my childhood home trying to use the bathroom, but the lights won’t come on, or the lights are very dim.

Personal Trauma:

– Some or all of my teeth fall out.
– Someone stabs me.
– Something is wrong with my legs and I can’t stand up straight/can’t walk/can’t run/etc.

Weird Nostalgia:

– I’m back in my grandparents’ home on the East Side of Cleveland (I haven’t been in this house in more than 20 years, but it’s still very vivid in my memory).
– I’m back in elementary school.
– I’m back in my childhood home.

Strange Discoveries:

– I move into a new house and find that it’s falling apart inside.
– I go into the basement of my childhood home and find an entrance to a series of tunnels that lead to some deep, cavernous lost city (very Lovecraftian).
– I’m living in a house I used to rent in Columbus, and I find a secret passage (this almost sort of happened IRL).
What do YOU dream about?