Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

The video game that I’m wasting time on lately is Diablo 3. I started playing regularly again when the Reaper of Souls expansion came out, and I managed to play an hour or two most days.

Reaper of Souls added the Crusader class, which is pretty fun. I like it because you can play it straight melee, like a Barbarian, or you can use the many ranged abilities and play more like a smite cleric wearing plate armor. But generally, I still lean towards the Wizard, and more recently, the Witch Doctor.

I overheard this conversation in the hardcore community channel the other day:

Player 1: What’s a good wizard build for high damage?
Player 2: Witch Doctor.


dogs laughingAnyway, it’s funny because it’s true. I’m not sure what the best wizard build is, to be honest. Since the recent patch (2.1), fire seems more viable and so does lightning. Before the patch I had fun running a combination Tal Rasha/Vyr’s build, but you can only take it so far because the meteors just don’t hit hard enough.

But then I discovered the Witch Doctor Grin Reaper build, via BadKarma’s excellent guide. This build is SO MUCH FUN. Viable in hardcore, softcore, T1 through at least T4. It’s like the pet doctor concept except for lazy people. All I do is basically click for my primary attack, and then my mimics, clones, giant pet, and fetishes do the rest of the work.

My pre-season softcore WD had a pretty much perfect set-up, except I was never able to find a Tall Man’s Finger for her. My hardcore season WD, on the other hand, found a TMF almost immediately. She’s just getting started, but already looks pretty good.

Now if I can just manage not to get killed by the random and annoying lag.

gold everywhere