Ipsy Glam Bag: tried and cancelled

Monthly “box” subscriptions are all the rage now. You pay some relatively moderate fixed price, and every month you get a box of items or samples or whatever related to your interest. I used to subscribe to Birchbox, which was supposed to mostly be makeup/skincare/fragrance, or so I thought. I cancelled when they sent me laundry detergent. LAUNDRY DETERGENT! Listen, Birchbox, I don’t need you to remind me how I spend every damn weekend.

A few months ago I subscribed to Ipsy. It seemed better – the products I got in my first few boxes were pretty cool, and each box came with a (usually) cute makeup bag. However, after opening my Ipsy box today, I cancelled them too. Yet ANOTHER hair conditioning product that I will never use. Yet ANOTHER generic eye liner pencil that I will never use. Yet ANOTHER lip gloss from a brand I’ve never heard of in a boring, bland color. No thanks!

About the only subscriptions I’ve been happy with are Sock Panda and Lootcrate. I heartily recommend them. In fact, I gave a year of Sock Panda to my best friend for Xmas last year, because they’re just that awesome. Subscribe here and tell them groovymarlin “at” gmail “dot” com sent you. (Figure out how to make that into a real email address. You can do it!)

If you want to subscribe to Lootcrate (recommended!), click this link to use my referral code.

Here’s some of the awesome stuff I’ve gotten in past crates:

IMG_1538 IMG_1485 IMG_1487 IMG_1490 IMG_1493