Completed Project: Pillow Part 2: The REVENGE!

We have a strange quilt on our king-sized bed in the Master Bedroom. Oh, it doesn’t really look all that strange, to most people. I mean, it’s your standard-size, standard-weight quilt. But the colors…the colors are IMPOSSIBLE to match with sheets, throw pillows etc.

The quilt has several sections of different patterns in shades of blue and gray. I bought it at Macy’s, way back when I still shopped at Macy’s. I’ve never been able to find sheets, pillowcases, throw pillows, shams, etc. that really match it. It looks simple enough, but the colors are just a little “off,” such that every blue sheet or pillowcase I buy just doesn’t quite match. I find myself sticking to white, gray, and the occasional navy blue. Here’s a picture of three of the four patterns that make up the quilt:


So anyway, let me assure you first of all that I don’t spend hours obsessing over this or anything. Sure, I’m writing a blog post about it, but that’s only as background to explain why I made not one, but TWO pillows to match this quilt. First, I made this square one:


It’s a square throw pillow that I made with roughly two balls of Lion Brand Unique in “Moonshadows” and a 12″ pillow form. It’s basically two large granny squares made with an 8mm hook that I single-crocheted together over the pillow. Simple, but effective: it’s soft and it looks nice on the quilt. Since I had enough Unique to make both sides, the pillow looks really different on each side. Here’s the other side:


Gosh I love that yarn.

I decided I needed another throw pillow, a bit larger this time, so I got a 12″x18″ form, and used a pattern on Ravelry for a rectangular granny square afghan. I simply made a smaller starting chain, and then did just enough rounds to cover one side of the pillow. And I think I switched to a 6.5mm hook.

I needed a lot of yarn! I used just over one ball to make the rectangle. Since I didn’t have more of the Moonshadows and I didn’t feel like buying any, I used Red Heart Super Saver Chunky in navy blue to make the back side, and basically used the whole skein! (It’s not a great yarn – not very soft. Would be nice for a rug, though – it’s very sturdy.) So then I had to find a ball of navy blue yarn to single crochet the two pieces together (and add a double-crochet border to the front, since it was just a bit too small). I didn’t have any bulky yarn in navy, so I used two strands of worsted weight. Holy cow, that got more complicated than I planned! But here’s how it turned out:


And here they both are, hanging out:



And finally, here’s a picture of my dog, who watched me the whole time I was taking these pictures with an expression on his face that said, “And you people think I’m crazy when I lick my own butt…”



I’m happy with how both pillows look, and they definitely make the bed more cozy. But I think I’m done making pillows for a while. It’s time to move on to Christmas gifts – yes, it’s that time of year already! I’ve already got a scarf, afghan, and set of placemats to finish by the beginning of December.

Also, I’m having my gallbladder removed next week. It’s outpatient surgery, and while I recover at home I’ll be doing a lot of crocheting while I trip on percocet.