A Lame Attempt

So what’s the deal, Groovymarlin? How come no blogging for…oh…over a month!? I wish I could say that I’ve just been lazy, that I’ve been enjoying myself and relaxing and didn’t have the willpower to blog. Unfortunately, I’ve actually been really busy. I recently got busy again at my day job, plus I’ve been working my freelance hours in the evenings and on weekends. Busy at home as well, even when I’m not working. Veronica at almost one and a half is quite…energetic. Last weekend she figured out how to open the pantry door, get out a box of cookies (at least they’re organic arrowroot cookies for babies, but still), and start stuffing her face with them. I walked into the kitchen to find her on the floor with her hand in the box, up to her elbow, and a mouth full of cookie. She was pretty pleased with herself. Secretly, I was too, though I had to pretend to be stern. Sometimes it’s so hard just being the Mom.

Anyway, in my spare time, I still raid with my guild in WoW just about once a week. We have Karazhan practically on farm status now, and my holy priest is really well-geared (at least until the next expansion comes out, and random greens make her epics all useless, but I refuse to consider that just yet). We got the first boss in Zul’Aman down, and made it up to the eagle boss, but man he’s a pain in the ass. We couldn’t even get to the dragonhawk boss yet. We made one attempt on the lynx boss but it was late and everyone was getting tired.

A better choice for stress relief lately has been Hellgate: London. A weird hybrid of shooter and MMO, it reminds me a little bit of Guild Wars in its simplicity. It’s really fun though – basically I can log in, go into a level and literally go on a killing rampage with a machine gun and grenades (and you never run out of ammo!), finish a quest or two, pick up some phat lewts, and be done with it. All in under an hour. This is economical gaming at its finest.  The character I’m playing most of the time is an Engineer (proficient with rifles and other big guns, plus always has four or five drones/bots to keep her company). I think the class is ridiculously overpowered, and I like it that way. It’s nice to feel powerful for a change, and I mean that on many levels.

To attone for my sins (not blogging), another post coming up later today. Something more philosophical. With less violence. 😉