I’ve been listening to my iPods a lot lately and this morning the one in my car (which has about 1000 songs on shuffle) pulled up “Nobody But You” by Lou Reed and John Cale. OK, first of all, awesome song, so check it out:

This is from their album “Songs for Drella,” a concept album inspired by and in tribute to Andy Warhol. I love this album. It’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea (most of the songs are not as “catchy” as “Nobody But You”), but I find it really touching. “Drella” was a nickname for Andy, coined by Ondine, and it was a combination of “Cinderella” and “Dracula.” Some of the songs on the album are from Andy’s own perspective (I find these the most fascinating), others are simply about him or John’s and Lou’s feelings about him.

I was lucky enough to see Lou Reed live in the mid-90s, when he was touring in support of “Magic and Loss” (another very touching and personal concept album of sorts). In the second half of the show he played most of the material from “Songs for Drella,” which I totally wasn’t expecting. I was thrilled.

Here are the lyrics from “Nobody But You”:

I really care a lot
Although I look like I do not
Since I was shot
There’s nobody but you

I know I look blase
Party Andy’s what the papers say
At dinner I’m the one who pays
For a nobody like you

Nobody but you
A nobody like you
Since I got shot
There’s nobody but you

Won’t you decorate my house
I’ll sit there quiet as a mouse
You know me I like to look a lot
At nobody but you

I’ll hold your hand and slap my face
I’ll tickle you to your disgrace
Won’t you put me in my proper place
A nobody like you

Sundays I pray a lot
I’d like to wind you up and paint your clock
I want to be what I am not
For a nobody like you

The bullet split my spleen and lung
The doctors said I was gone
Inside I’ve got some shattered bone
For nobody but you

Nobody but you
A nobody like you
Shattered bone
For nobody but you

I’m still not sure I didn’t die
And if I’m dreaming I still have bad pains inside
I know I’ll never be a bride
To nobody like you

I wish I had a stronger chin
My skin was good, my nose was thin
This is no movie I’d ask to be in
With a nobody like you

Nobody like you
A nobody like you
All my life

It’s been nobodies like you