Another Day, Another…?

I want to write an energetic and entertaining blog post right now, but I just can’t muster the enthusiasm. So instead I’ll whine a little bit.

Barack Obama will be in Leesburg today. Would I love to go and see him speak? Yes!! But I’m not, because my husband is going, and I have to pick up The Bean from daycare and take care of her this evening. I wish, wish, wish we had a babysitter. I would seriously pay good money to have someone available that we could call up with a day or two’s notice. This is when it really sucks to live so far from the grandparents, too.

Bean’s new thing is that she gives me frequent hugs and tells me she loves me. It sounds like, “Ah lahv ooh Mommy” and it’s totally adorable. Toddlers so frequently want to be independent, and they start squirming when you want to cuddle, so every hug and kiss is extra-special. There are times when I just about lose it with her – like last night, when she woke up at 12:30 AM and started screaming and whining for no apparent reason, then would not go to sleep for at least an hour. The “I love you” thing really does make up for situations like that. Really!

I was going to blog about Creepy Guy today, but why bother? With him it’s the same stupid shit, day after day. I could tell you that he ate three packages of cookies and two Ho-Hos and a Twinkie, all in an afternoon, but he eats like that EVERY day. I could tell you that he asked me stupid questions and told me irrelevant information that I don’t care about and managed to screw up the one simple task that’s assigned to him right now, but that describes every week with him. He never gets any better, or any more bearable, or any less awkward and weird, or any less irritating to all those who are forced to interact with him. IT JUST NEVER CHANGES.

God, I need to quit this job, and fast. 🙁