It’s probably not surprising that I’m going to be voting for Obama this year. Anyone who knows me won’t be surprised by this at all. What is suprising, at least to me, is how exhilarated and excited and optimistic I’m starting to feel about the election at all. We have a real chance this time, is what my brain is whispering to me. There’s a perfect storm of conditions all coming together: the country is seriously fucked thanks to eight years of Bush/Cheney criminalism, the Democratic Party finally has a truly inspiring candidate, and the other side has the least appealing ticket since, well, Bush/Cheney. (Actually, it’s kind of freaky how much they have in common – scary, hot-tempered older guy with stupid, malleable younger person who’s basically a neocon Manchurian Candidate.)

Long story very short: I’m thrilled, and every poll I read thrills me even more. But even so, there’s a little inkling of fear. Fear that we may get complacent, start taking this win for granted, and not keep up our momentum and our inspiration. So please, please, PLEASE for the love of all that is good in the world, GET OUT AND VOTE ON NOVEMBER 4. I myself will be voting early, as soon as my ballot arrives in the mail. There are lots of areas where you can vote early this year, in fact, and if you have that opportunity I urge you to do so. We cannot let ourselves get too comfortable, and start taking it for granted that Obama will win. Sure, it looks like something really fucked-up and drastic would have to happen to prevent it, but you know how this country is. You know how elections in this country are. If things can get fucked up, they will. That’s why it is extremely important to vote, even if you’re sure that your guy is going to win anyway.

If you’re supporting McSame and Caribou Barbie, first of all, you’re reading the wrong blog! Of course, assuming there are a few of you out there, then you know that you have to get out and vote too. Even if you’re fighting a losing war. Oh hell, just stay home, I don’t care. KIDDING! I kid, I kid. Everyone should vote, even if they’re voting for the wrong guy. 😉