The Day After

So, I turned 41 yesterday. I don’t really feel any older than I did at 40, in fact I feel a bit younger in general than I did a few months ago (I’m sure I can thank significant weight loss and an increase in physical activity for that). I evaluated myself on the Wii Fit that husband got me for Christmas, and it pegged my “Wii Fit Age” (based on BMI plus strength/balance) at 35. Hey, not bad! I’d go back and be 35 again, sure, why not? But the fact is, 35 or 41, it really doesn’t make a big difference. “40 is the new 30,” or something like that.

In general I kind of hate my birthday. I would have stayed home from work yesterday, if I hadn’t had things I needed to do in the office. I don’t like the attention, I just find it embarrassing most of the time, especially now that I’m older. On the other hand, as an excruciatingly polite and well-mannered person with a good upbringing, I definitely appreciate all the birthday wishes and the effort it took to make them. So to all my friends who wished me a happy birthday: thanks! I’m really not as bitchy as I look!

Today has dawned gray and snowing and gross. Given the road/sidewalk conditions, I couldn’t wear my hot new suit for that interview today. Instead I wore a skirt, sweater set, tights and boots. Looking at my nails, I realize they need a fill, but it’s entirely possible I won’t be able to get to it until this weekend. Yikes! At least I don’t quite need a haircut yet, but wow. I’m not really up to my own high standards right now!

In fact, if I could have ANYTHING for my birthday, I think I’d choose to just put this day back in the can, and try it all again tomorrow.


One thought on “The Day After

  1. I realized a few years ago when you turn a milestone (for me it was 30) nothing really changes – the same vigor and happiness is there – yet so is the same heartbreaking reality of life.

    Your not older – your just wiser 😉

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