Daily Outfit – July 21, 2009

No outfit yesterday – I was sick and I doubt anyone is interested in my pajamas. Late in the afternoon, I was feeling a little better and I had noticed that my roots were really starting to show (including gray! eek!), so I colored my hair. GAH! It came out way too dark. I look very emo. You can bet I’ll be trying to add some highlights tonight.

One of the cool things about doing my outfits on Polyvore every day is being able to look back at what I’ve worn before. It’s shocking how much black I wear – I mean I wear a LOT of black. I have tons of black shirts I like to wear, most of my favorite skirts are black, most of my shoes are black, and even all of my jeans are dark denim. Crazy! Does this mean I’ll be resolving to put some color in my wardrobe in the near future? Hmm…maybe.