Blog Update

The Daily Outfit is working out really well. Polyvore is fun to use – my biggest problem is that a lot of stuff I wear isn’t necessarily in stores anymore, or can’t be found online. So I have to improvise and use things that are close. Otherwise it’s pretty kickass. I don’t actually blog my outfit EVERY day, but I do publish it in a set on Polyvore most days. I’ve added a box to the bottom of the far-right column which has a link to my RSS feed of Polyvore sets. Most of them are the daily outfit, but some are contest entries and other miscellaneous stuff.

The Daily Song I’ve been slacking off on, to the point where it’s by no means “daily.” But I’m still doing it at least once or twice a week, and I can live with that.

I’m still loving my new layout, and especially happy that my comments now support Gravatars. What’s a Gravatar? It’s an icon that you can use to represent yourself across a variety of websites, and it’s keyed from your email address. Go here to sign up for one!

Have a great weekend, everybody!