Not a Review – a PSA!

This is not a review, it’s a Public Service Announcement. If you are female, and you wear lipstick or lip gloss, I want to save you the agony that you will experience if you wear this product:

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lip Color

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick

“Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick,” aka the lip-drying, crumbling lip color OF DOOM!  Seriously, did anyone at Revlon TRY this product themselves before bringing it to market? Are there no lip color-wearing females working at Revlon who could be convinced to give this stuff a test drive before it hit the mass market?

This lip color is marketed as “long-wearing,” as in the kind of long-wearing where you put it on in the morning, and it lasts until late in the day – through eating, drinking, kissing, licking the windows on the bus, whatever it is that you like to do. Usually, long-wearing lipsticks like this are two-parters: a color part, and a moisturizing gloss part. The craze for these all started with Max Factor and Cover Girl, but just about every brand has them now – even MAC has one. The two-part application generally works very well, but this particular Revlon product’s big selling point is that two steps aren’t necessary – supposedly, it has the color and the gloss all in one fabulous product. Except apparently somebody forgot to include the gloss part.

I was in CVS last week and had a coupon – $3 off a Revlon color cosmetic. I’d been curious to try this lipstick, and when I visited the display – what do you know? They were featured with a “buy one, get one free” promotion (two tubes shrink wrapped together, a light shade and a dark shade). So I figured what the heck, and I bought one (two). When I first tried it on, I was optimistic – the color looked pretty, and the texture, at first application, was fine. It felt creamy and it looked good. Then it started to dry. And dry. AND DRY. If you’ve ever tried the long-wearing lipsticks before, you know how it feels when just the color part is on your lips and is drying – it feels dry, tight, and a bit sticky. And that’s how the Revlon product felt, period. Since there was no moisturizing gloss/top coat component, that’s how it felt, period. Even better (worse), as it got drier, it started to get crumbly and made my lips peel a little bit. So not only was it supremely uncomfortable, but the color didn’t look good anymore. In short, it was a MESS! Adding another gloss on top did not help. There was no salvaging this stuff.

I threw it away. Even the free one, that I never tried. I considered giving it away with a random drawing, but honestly, I would have felt guilty encouraging another woman to apply this stuff to her lips. IT’S JUST THAT AWFUL.

I really like most of the Revlon products that I try, so this experience was a real shock. This is what makes me think that nobody at Revlon tried this stuff before they inflicted it on the public. How could they have possibly thought this was a good idea? This is a company that usually has lots of great ideas. Here are some Revlon products that I not only like, but love, and heartily endorse:

ColorStay Mineral Lip Glaze
ColorStay Mineral Mousse Makeup
Cream Blush
ColorStay Pressed Powder
Super Lustrous Lipgloss
Beyond Natural Protective Liptint SPF15

So it’s not like I don’t love Revlon, but I really question their judgment on this product. Please, ladies – do yourself a favor, and STAY AWAY from “ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick!”