She’s a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World…

Seriously, where does time go? It’s like yesterday it was only June 4 or so, and now tomorrow is July. I’m starting to develop a theory that part of the reason some people seem to do things frustratingly slow is in a subconscious attempt to make time itself slow down, thus ensuring they will live a little longer. If there’s a way to accomplish this, I am totally in.

The Bean had a birthday. Oh, Bean. I love you, but you frustrate me SO MUCH. Our Bean was kind of cranky and naughty on the day itself, and her party almost ended up canceled. But things worked out in the end:


With her favorite cousin and her Barbie cake.

She’s so into girly stuff right now. She definitely had a little bit of a tomboy phase but now it’s all pink, all the time. She loves dressing up, Barbies, ballerinas, fairies, and princesses. I remain neutral on all of these issues. For example, I had Barbies when I was little, and honestly loved them. I loved dressing them in all kinds of outfits and acting out all kinds of little soap operas with them. But that was several decades ago, and I willingly admit that my interest in Barbie has waned. I haven’t gone out of my way to encourage Bean’s interest in Barbie, but since she has clearly shown that she has it, I haven’t discouraged it either.

So I bought her the Barbie cake that she specifically told me she wanted, every time we passed the bakery department at Target. I bought her a new Barbie doll (which she loved) and her father bought Barbie balloons and decorations for her party. As a feminist, I have some problems with Barbie now, but you have to admit she’s 100 times less offensive then those hideous Bratz dolls (thank God those things got discontinued).

I guess I could refuse to indulge her taste for Barbie, or for Hello Kitty or Disney princesses for that matter, but what would that get me? An unhappy kid? No, thanks. So she likes girly stuff, so what? She also loves to draw and paint, kick the ball around, ride her bike (and her new scooter), sing and dance, and tell secrets to her teddy bear. I think she is becoming a well-rounded, well-adjusted person, and I love her just the way she is.


On her new scooter...