Strangely Delicious Salad

Last night, my contribution to dinner was a salad. I used several weird things that we just happened to have on hand, things that you wouldn’t normally think go together, but even the hubz commented that the salad was delicious!

Start with some greens, a cup to a cup and a half per salad. I like Wegmans Organic Spring Mix:

Then get some baby beets and slice them up, about 3/4 cup for two salads. I use these Melissa’s baby beets, which are steamed and peeled:

Add about a tablespoon per salad of marinated, roasted garlic cloves. I get mine off Wegmans olive bar:

Toss all of that together. Because of the olive oil and stuff on the garlic cloves, and the beet juice, you won’t need any dressing at all. Finally, top with about a teaspoon per salad of slivered, honey roasted almonds:

Sounds strange, tastes delicious, full of healthy things that are good for you (and negligible amounts of things that aren’t).