Happy New Year

So how was your holiday season? I have one word to describe mine: sick. As in, I was sick, and still am, though I’m starting to get better. I realized, too late, on December 31, that I should have visited the doctor some time in the preceding week. I was off work and had lots of time. Unfortunately, I kept trying to self-medicate and hoping I would get better.

I started with a cold but I think it’s morphed into a sinus infection. I have headaches, low energy, persistent cough, sore throat, congestion, the whole deal. A real shit sandwich. I guess if I don’t keep getting better I’ll have to visit the doctor anyway, and take some antibiotics, which I hate to do. Antibiotics usually make me feel much worse before I start to feel better.

BUT! Other than being sick it was pretty cool. My Dad was here from South Carolina for a whole week. Christmas was fun and everyone enjoyed their gifts. We ate well, thanks to my husband the amateur chef. I leveled my mage in World of Warcraft from 70 to 80. My daughter spent hours playing her Barbie horse riding game on the Wii, and taking pictures with her Leapster Explorer, and thank goodness we had those distractions because otherwise she might have noticed that THERE WAS NO SNOW and therefore no use for her shiny new sled and snowball maker.

I only made one resolution for New Year’s, and it was to not get sucked into playing any stupid games on Facebook. No Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc. I’m usually pretty good at ignoring that stuff, but every now and then a friend will convince me to sign up just to help them out, and then I get sucked in. No more! Every time I get a request I’ll remind myself about my resolution and “just say no.”

Only one resolution – you think it’s wimping out? Tough. I have too much real stuff to worry about to spend energy creating resolutions, which in general is a meaningless exercise that has little staying power past January anyway. I have issues, real issues, to take up my time and energy: work, parenting, getting over sinus infections. But if you’re into the whole resolution bit, I couldn’t recommend any advice higher than this great post by Swistle. She asserts the daring thought that maybe resolutions don’t have to all be about losing weight, getting in shape, blah blah blah bore me to death. There’s more to life than your pants size, folks. Sure, that stuff is important in some ways and for some people, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

So here’s to 2011 – let’s hope it’s better than 2010. Happy New Year.