Still Inspiring

A long time ago, on an earlier incarnation of my blog, I wrote a post about a person who inspired me greatly when I was younger, and really made a difference in my entire life. That person is Robert Spano. While that post is now unfortunately lost to the ether, I still feel the same way about Bob Spano, who I was privileged to learn from when he was the Director of Orchestral Activities at Bowling Green State University. I played the violin and Bob conducted many orchestras that I participated in, including the regular Symphony and pit orchestras for both operatic and musical theater performances.

Bob even made me cry once, but I don’t think it was on purpose.

Read more about Bob Spano and his many accomplishments here. He is currently the Music Director of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and just this March he was named the new Director of the Aspen Music Festival and School. There are many clips of him on YouTube, but I especially liked the one below, where he talks about Mozart, Freemasonry, and numerology.


A few weeks ago (honestly I can’t really remember how long ago it was) I was forced to endure a portion of Nickelodeon’s “Kids Choice Awards.” Oh. My. God. It was truly awful. It was without a doubt the most horrible thing I can remember watching on TV in…well, ever. In particular, it started with a performance by the Black-eyed Peas. WTF?! Why are these bozos still allowed on TV? Wasn’t the Superbowl half time thing enough proof that these morons should be illegal? All they do is take other people’s songs and make them worse. That Fergie reminds me of something a British friend of mine once said: “She has a face like a workman’s bench.” Make of that what you will. I love my daughter, but I will never suffer through BEP again, even for her.

Anyway, I had 53 hours at work last week, including hours on Saturday and Sunday, so that’s why I’m exhausted. I guess you could say I’m over it.


Obscure Facts

Here’s some stuff about me that you probably didn’t know…

– I once saw David Copperfield live. It was corny but entertaining.

– I am obsessed with 30s-40s-50s swing music. This is probably a big reason why I have played so many hours of Fallout 3 – I can’t stop listening to Three-Dog on Galaxy News Radio.

– I am also obsessed with Cleveland-style polka music, which I grew up dancing to at every prom and wedding, and watching on “Polka Varieties” on Sunday mornings. I am a FABULOUS polka-er.

– I used to be addicted to perms. Even though now I am a confirmed pixie cut addict (aka the lesbian soccer mom look), I still sometimes think longingly of having a perfect spiral perm a la Jennifer Grey in “Dirty Dancing.”

– Speaking of the lesbian soccer mom look, I love Jamie Lee Curtis and I feel embarrassed for her whenever one of those Activia commercials comes on. I don’t know why; I suppose she’s just paying the bills. And also, I don’t know if it really helps your digestive system, but I tried the yogurt and didn’t like it – too runny.

– I’m starting to think that “Howards End” is my favorite movie, ever. Maybe I should buy the new Criterion Collection DVD, so I can watch it whenever I want.

– My favorite movie, by far, used to be “Army of Darkness,” and I used to watch it EVERY NIGHT, on VHS. Yes, I had a thing for Bruce Campbell, what can I say?

(Please note, the following trailer for Howards End gives away pretty much the whole movie.)

Forgive Me?

I’m deeply ashamed of myself for not blogging in so long. Twenty days, for those of you keeping score. As in, just a day shy of three full weeks. FOR SHAME.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going to start in earnest now. Maybe tomorrow. In the mean time, I leave you with this. Kisses!