Categories of Strange Dreams

Do you dream? I dream often and vividly. In fact, I sometimes scream, yell, laugh and cry in my sleep. I have never gotten up and walked around, though…at least not yet.

Frequent Dream Categories

Back to School:

– I sign up for a (college) course, forget to attend, and then it’s the day of the final.
– I go back to school to get another master’s or a PhD, and as I’m moving my stuff into my apartment in Bowling Green (for some reason I always go back to BGSU), I start to remember that I have a job, and a kid, and a bunch of other stuff.
– I am going to high school and I can’t find my locker (never happened IRL).
– I am going to high school and can’t get my locker open (happened frequently IRL).
– I’m back in college and can’t find my dorm room/my mailbox/the showers/whatever.

Bathroom Blues:

– I need to pee and can’t find a bathroom, or all the bathrooms I find have filthy and/or non-functioning toilets.
– I need to take a shower and can’t find the showers (seems like a dorm type setting, or possibly a health club).
– I go to the restroom and the dividers are all so low that you can see everyone from the neck up when they’re sitting on the toilet.
– I’m visiting someone’s home and inadvertently break or somehow screw up their toilet, shower, plumbing, etc.
– I’m back in my childhood home trying to use the bathroom, but the lights won’t come on, or the lights are very dim.

Personal Trauma:

– Some or all of my teeth fall out.
– Someone stabs me.
– Something is wrong with my legs and I can’t stand up straight/can’t walk/can’t run/etc.

Weird Nostalgia:

– I’m back in my grandparents’ home on the East Side of Cleveland (I haven’t been in this house in more than 20 years, but it’s still very vivid in my memory).
– I’m back in elementary school.
– I’m back in my childhood home.

Strange Discoveries:

– I move into a new house and find that it’s falling apart inside.
– I go into the basement of my childhood home and find an entrance to a series of tunnels that lead to some deep, cavernous lost city (very Lovecraftian).
– I’m living in a house I used to rent in Columbus, and I find a secret passage (this almost sort of happened IRL).
What do YOU dream about?

Obscure Facts

Here’s some stuff about me that you probably didn’t know…

– I once saw David Copperfield live. It was corny but entertaining.

– I am obsessed with 30s-40s-50s swing music. This is probably a big reason why I have played so many hours of Fallout 3 – I can’t stop listening to Three-Dog on Galaxy News Radio.

– I am also obsessed with Cleveland-style polka music, which I grew up dancing to at every prom and wedding, and watching on “Polka Varieties” on Sunday mornings. I am a FABULOUS polka-er.

– I used to be addicted to perms. Even though now I am a confirmed pixie cut addict (aka the lesbian soccer mom look), I still sometimes think longingly of having a perfect spiral perm a la Jennifer Grey in “Dirty Dancing.”

– Speaking of the lesbian soccer mom look, I love Jamie Lee Curtis and I feel embarrassed for her whenever one of those Activia commercials comes on. I don’t know why; I suppose she’s just paying the bills. And also, I don’t know if it really helps your digestive system, but I tried the yogurt and didn’t like it – too runny.

– I’m starting to think that “Howards End” is my favorite movie, ever. Maybe I should buy the new Criterion Collection DVD, so I can watch it whenever I want.

– My favorite movie, by far, used to be “Army of Darkness,” and I used to watch it EVERY NIGHT, on VHS. Yes, I had a thing for Bruce Campbell, what can I say?

(Please note, the following trailer for Howards End gives away pretty much the whole movie.)

Forgive Me?

I’m deeply ashamed of myself for not blogging in so long. Twenty days, for those of you keeping score. As in, just a day shy of three full weeks. FOR SHAME.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going to start in earnest now. Maybe tomorrow. In the mean time, I leave you with this. Kisses!

Did I Ever Tell You About…

..the first time I ever saw “The Rocky Horror Picture Show?” It was some time in the late 80s. A friend took me to a midnight screening (of course) on the East side of Cleveland, in a glorious, run-down old theater that actually had a balcony. It was fabulous from start to finish, but specifically, I won a fabulous prize. Before the movie started, one of the “hosts” went into the audience and held a number of silly contests. I won a can huggy (long since gone, sadly) by guessing exactly what vegetable he had in his pants.

It was a squash. And that is why, to this day, watching RHPS makes me think of squash.