Daily Outfit – September 4, 2009

Oh my GAWD y’all, it is Labor Day Weekend already! What happened to summer? I’ve been loving the weather lately. We were able to turn the AC off at home, and sleeping with the windows open at night has been so pleasant – despite the occasional skunk that wanders through our yard. I had a crazy week at work, including a blown-up hard drive, a day of reinstalling every application I ever used, and desperately trying to find some XP and Vista keys that were needed right that second. So I’m pretty ready for a weekend, at this point. I dressed like it already IS the weekend!

Daily Outfit – September 2, 2009

First of all: how weird is it that it’s September already? I’ll tell you: pretty darn weird. It seems like I blinked and missed summer. Times like these I’m glad that we’ll continue to have warm weather well into October around here. The last few days have been just gorgeous.

Yesterday I couldn’t make a daily outfit set (maybe I’ll work on that later) or post anything at all because of hardware problems. As in, failed hard drive, lost everything, oh s***. Things are slightly better today, so I’m relieved. Also, yesterday I wore some really cute jeans and a kimono top, but the jeans were uncomfortable in my waist area ALL DAY. As a result, I couldn’t bear the thought of wearing something with a real waist today, hence my old lady cruisewear outfit. Aloha!